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Rosa Medina-Fassett

Specializing in providing Holistic, Intuitive, and Spiritual Services

Intuitive Holistic Healer


 "What makes my sessions special is that I am very welcoming and will treat you as family. From the instant we connect You become family to me and I treat you as such. For me there is no other feeling greater than knowing I have created a positive ripple effect in someone's life and I go above and beyond to help you get as much as you possibly can from each session. I am also very generous with my time and services and will go over on time without an additional fee if needed to help you leave feeling transformed and empowered." 


I am an empath, healer, highly sensitive person, and Intuitive. In my early age I discovered my psychic and healing abilities and in my teenage years, I began developing my abilities and independently learning everything that I could about the Alternative, Holistic, and Metaphysical fields. As a young adult, I discovered I was also an empath and highly sensitive person and began mastering all of my abilities with the intention of utilizing them to help others.

I started with a B.A. in Psychology and working as a child counselor and behavior therapist and then transitioned into the natural healing field as a massage therapist. From there I studied Reiki, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and every other natural healing modality I felt compelled to learn. 

In 2009 I started Divine Love Intuitive Holistic Healing and am now working as an Intuitive Holistic Healer and helping others on a daily basis.





Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


B.A. Psychology

CBT--Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

Emotional Aroma and Acupressure Therapist

Certified Massage Practitioner

Health and Nutrition Life Coach


Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Mindfulness Life Coach

Reiki Master

Reiki Grand Master (Level 20)

Quantum Reiki Master

Quantum Reiki Grand Master


Universal Life Church Monastery, 2009

Healing Touch Professional Association, 2012

Reiki Professionals, 2013

Holistic and Integrative Health, 2013

International Reiki Organization, 2019

American Natural Wellness Practitioners Assosiation, 2020

Rosa is amazing and more than a therapist, psychologist or any of that.  I've gone through financial hardship, a horrible breakup with the person I was going to marry and got diagnosed with several health issues all at once!  I fell into depression, fatigue, felt physically ill daily and even had a trip to the ER from heart problems due to stress and my health issues combined.  I felt like I was going to die and miserable! Doctors recommended medications for every issue, but I'm against meds and anything unnatural. I had horrible experiences with medications and side-effects and the thought of adding more hardship and negativity to my current situation seemed like the worst idea!  Being into holistic health and organic, raw diets, I sought someone local who had a holistic healing approach. I liked how non-corporate, personal and down to earth Rosa's site and presentation seemed to be, in addition to the amazing reviews she'd been given time and time again. I gave her a call, left her a message and she got back to me the same day.  We set-up a time to meet and that was the best decision I'd ever made!  As soon as I met her, her energy was amazing and she was able to look at me, chat for a bit and pretty much sum up what was going on physically, emotionally and mentally.  This was in September 2012 and I worked with her several times.  Her guidance, healing sessions, therapy and intuitive process helped me minimize to almost get rid of my health issues, my mental and emotional state improved drastically and I felt almost like myself again.  Now I do feel like myself and only want to see Rosa from now on for anything and everything.  I've even recommended her to friends and they've had great experiences with her as well! If you want real answers, real results and are over your generic, medical doctor experience for physical, emotional and mental ailments, go to Rosa, she's the real deal. Good luck!






Embracing Your Divine Self: The Empaths Guide to Balance, Happiness, and Self Acceptance, 2012


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