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Common Questions and Answers 



Questions and Answers: 

What is Holistic Healing? 

Holistic Healing addresses the Mind, Body, and Spirit when Healing is needed in any area of your life.  

What is Intuitive Healing? 

Intuitive Healing uses Psychic Abilities/ Intuition to provide guidance when Healing is needed in any area of your life.  

What is the difference between a Psychic Reading and an Intuitive Reading?

I once read the difference between a Psychic Reading and an Intuitive Reading is when you get a Psychic Reading you ask, “ when will I meet my soulmate,” whereas with an Intuitive Reading you ask, “what can I do to meet my soulmate.” 


What is the difference between Intuitive Reading and Intuitive Guidance?

It is basically the same thing, except that in my Intuitive Guidance Sessions I use Intuitive Counseling and Life Coaching in addition to Intuitive Reading to help bring clarity to people. 


In a nutshell, what would you say you do during an Intuitive Healing session?

I intuitively breakthrough mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic obstacles to help you heal and move forward in any area of your life, and will use tools like Energy Healing, Crystals, Intuitive Guidance, etc., to help intensify the process.

What is Energy Healing? 

Energy Healing is the gentle manipulation of the energetic field to heal and release blockages, stagnation, and overactivity found in all 5 bodies; mind, body, spirit, emotions, energy.  

The most heard of is Reiki, which I do use, however I also use Healing Touch, Chakra Balancing, Cranial Sacral, and my own techniques. 

I gently place my hands on your body and allow my intuition to guide me, along with what we uncovered as we were talking, to where I need to manipulate the energy, adding to areas that are low or cold, removing from areas that are full or hot, and releasing from areas that are blocked or stagnant, to contribute to the healing process.  

How soon are the effects of Energy Healing felt? 

They are felt instantly. 

Additionally, I set the intention for my Healing’s to continue to heal throughout the week, so you will feel and see more differences a week from our session. 

I have never received Energy Healing or used Crystals, will I still benefit from them? 

Absolutely! As long as you have an open mind and trust the person working on you, in this case, me.

As a matter of fact it is part of my requirement for people to come to me with an open mind and complete trust, if not in what I do, but absolutely in me.  


Do you do House Cleansings?

I do. For my Home Cleansing Sessions I add a blessing of the house in addition to the cleansing, and an energy circle for the people that live in the home (they can be present or in spirit.)

The cleansing helps to release the old, the blessing helps to usher in the new, and the energy circle helps everyone let go, become balanced, and be open for the new.


How do you use Holistic Healing and Intuitive Healing in your sessions? 

I always address mind, body, and spirit, in addition to emotions and energy, with every issue or concern.   

For example, if you come in with digestive issues, I will also ask about relationships, stress, emotional support, diet, taking care of yourself, exercise,... etc. Addressing all 5 bodies to see where there are blockages and figuring out how they can be released and conquered.  From the moment we make the session appointment I allow my self to receive any Intuitive Guidance to assist with our session. I allow myself to receive images, visions, feelings, messages,..etc., basically anything that will benefit our session. I take what I receive and “store it” in my mind for when we meet. During our session as we are talking and doing the Counseling, Guidance, and Life Coaching part of the session things will come up again. I will then incorporate what I received or am currently receiving into our session. I will add I only receive what you allow me to receive subconsciously for our session and your healing, so I will never receive anything you would not want me to know. 

I find this very beneficial in my sessions because we are able to address things that could of never been. Adding to the above example, as we are talking about your diet I feel an overwhelming sadness coming from your heart/heart center/ heart chakra, I will then transition from your diet to ask about your relationships, specifically, your relationship with your mother when you were a child because one of the messages received has showed me an image of you as a child and I feel it is related to your mother. As we talk you realize you felt very unsupported by your mother when you were 8 and have been carrying around resentment and hurt feelings for over 20 years. You also realize that not only was it affecting your digestion, but it was affecting your relationships, especially intimate relationships, like friendships and romantic relationships in a negative way.  I will then ask you to forgive your mother as an 8 year old and as of now and move on to the Energy Healing part of our session.  

I will then do Energy Healing to help heal any physical ailments, releasing and healing the sadness I felt earlier and anything else that comes up. Maybe you were having arm pain and never thought to think twice about it , and now that we have released that blockage, you realize the pain is gone. I will also use Healing Crystals and Stones and place them on your Chakras as well as other areas of your body, and Aromatherapy to aid with the Healing. 


I consider myself Religious not Spiritual, are your sessions for me? 


I believe that if you are Religious, then you Are spiritual because you believe in a greater power, which gives you the ability to receive healing. 

However, my sessions are not specifically for any type of Religious or Spiritual belief, they are for everyone, it does not matter if you believe in God, Mother Mary, Allah, Jesus, Muhammad, Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha, Mother Earth, Energy, Science, Love, the Universe,...etc., what matters is that you Believe in something. 

How may sessions will I need? 

The number of sessions depends on the person I am working with, what they have going on, and the depth of our work. 

Some times one session is enough, and other times we might be working together for several months, a few times a month, it is all on an individual basis. 

I will add that my goal is to do as much work as possible with every session, so with every session you will receive 100% of my services, and I do not believe in having people come back unless we both believe it will be beneficial and they are committed to do the work. 


Is there anything I should know or do before our session? 

yes, here is my welcome message to help with that: 
“I am looking forward to us working together to help you heal and become the best you can be! I will always do everything that I possibly can to help things move forward as fast and gentle as possible. Every session is very transformative, so please make sure to drink plenty of water, even if you already do so, get adequate rest and eat sufficiently. Additionally, In order for ultimate healing to occur I ask that you come to me with an open mind, an open heart, complete trust, and the commitment to move forward in life! All this being said...Welcome & let’s get started!!”


if you have additional questions please feel free to contact me at:


619 793 7585



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