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Intuitive Holistic Healing Session: 

60 minutes: $150

90 minutes: $200


Intuitive Energy Healing Session:

60 minutes: $150


Intuitive Counseling Session:

60 minutes: $150


Intuitive Coaching and Empowerment Session:

60 minutes: $150


Intuitive Couple's Coaching and Empowerment Session:

60 minutes: $200

90 minutes: $250

*$25 for Additional people 


Intuitive Spiritual Cleansing & Blessing Session: *available to existing clients only

45 minutes: $200

Couple's: 60 minutes: $250


Lightworker Attunement Session:

60 minutes: $150

90 minutes: $200 (Recommended for first time)


Phone Session & Remote Healing Session: 

You can now Receive Counseling, Guidance and/ or Energy Healing if you are not able to do an in-person session or if you live in a different town


30 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $150



I am fully Committed to your Health, Personal Growth & Awareness and Success.  I will give 100% of my Services, Energy and Time to help in any way that I can and expect you to do the same, for this reason I charge the following Fees:


Same day changes (Reschedule/Cancellation/ No show) Fee: 100% of session 




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