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"This book was very easy to read and I have gained insight about myself and others around me. I have often felt overly sensitive and for a long time did not enjoy being me. I now understand why and am able to move forward with love for myself and learn how to operate through empathy. Thank you for this guide."

"I truly enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and opened my mind to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. While I do not feel I am an empath I did feel I could relate. This book has been very helpul in helping me understand myself, my feelings, as well as helped me start the healing process."

"This book was a life-changing read and I highly recommend it. Rosa is magical person who helps me get in touch with my true self and lead my life in a positive direction"

"I read this book on the advice of a friend during a personally difficult time. I found it to be insightful & comforting, especially now. The information is useful to anyone seeking to reconnect or strengthen their personal power & self responsibility in creating their own life, creating proper boundaries & investing in self care - so it's beneficial to anyone. It's a very quick & uplifting read."

My Books

Embracing Your Divine Self: The Empaths Guide to Balance, Happiness, and Self-Acceptance

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Do you find yourself frequently feeling anxious, angry, depressed, emotionally overwhelmed, or moody for no reason? Do you feel great and excited about going to an event, but feel stressed, exhausted, or drained immediately after? Do you listen with compassion to others and are able to see in between the lines and right through lies? If you have picked up this book, then you are an empath.


This book will teach you everything you need to know about being an empath. It will help you embrace your divine self as you read through the pages so that you can live a life full of balance, happiness, and self-acceptance.


I am an empath, a highly sensitive person, an intuitive, and a healer. I love who I am and what do, but most importantly, I love and enjoy giving to others. Before I acquired the tools needed to stay balanced and learned self-awareness, how to master my abilities, and how to heal myself, I was always giving too much and feeling emotionally unstable. After graduating from college in 2006, I became a child counselor and therapeutic behavior coach. I gave so much time, love, and energy to my professions that I found myself unhappy, stressed , overwhelmed , physically ill, crying often, and feeling empty after acouple of years. Feeling like my heart was 100 percent dedicated to those professions, but that the rest of me couldn’t handle it, I transitioned myself into massage therapy. After only five months, I was burnt out and could no longer massage. It was then when I realized that something had to change and I decided to investigate and tap into my feelings. I realized I was giving a lot to others and neglecting myself. I was so concerned and preoccupied with carrying other people’s burdens and needs for them that I found no time to take care of myself or my needs.


Through self-awareness, many teachers, and different alternative tools I have learned how to embrace my divine self and master my gift of empathy. I have also learned to live a life full of balance, happiness, and self-awareness, and I am able to still help others on a daily basis.


I have been working as an intuitive holistic healer since 2009, and I absolutely love what I do. I find that I am able to use my gift and give to others every day now. I am also able to give to myself, which allows me to feel happy, grateful, and valuable on a daily basis. This book will teach you everything you need to know in order to embrace your divine self and master your gift of empathy so that you can feel happy, grateful, and valuable on a daily basis too.



When You're Silly and You Feel It!

Available for download now on Click on the picture to purchase.

It is up to us to teach the children in our life that it is okay for them to have many feelings, and to give them tools to express them appropriately. Encourage the children in your life to express their feelings through arts and sports, and show them how to use their words in a healthy way, but most importantly, help them feel safe when doing so.

In this Children's book, Max is confused and not sure if it is okay to have so many feelings-especially all in one day-so he seeks advice from his older brother Simon, who teaches him a song to help him feel comfortable with his feelings and being himself.



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