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How do I make a vision board and how do I use it?

Namaste and Happy New Year!

Today I will be answering the question: How do I make a vision board and how do I use it?

Creation/vision boards are created with the intention to connect what your heart desires with a physical form, helping it manifest easier and faster.

A Creation/vision board is basically a collage of your intentions, goals, dreams, and desires, in this case we will be using intentions for the New Year as the example.

To create a board:

Supplies needed-magazines, scissors, glue, makers, board(any size and any color) and a lot of excitement and positive energy ;-)

Look through magazines and cut out words or pictures of what you want to intend and create in your life this year.

ex. Woman running if you want to exercise more.

You can also use your own pictures.

ex. A picture of your Family if you want to strengthen your connection to them.

Paste the cutouts however you desire. You can randomly place them or you can cluster them into sections (Health, Love life, Career) or (Mind, Body, Emotions).. you get the point.

Add any words or drawings with the markers so it looks complete to you.

Once you are finished, take your creation/vision board and place it/hang it where you will see it regularly. Before you walk away take in everything on your board and smile, believing and trusting it will all come to you and some more.

To use your board:

Make it a point to connect with your board at least once a day for the first month, in this case January, and then whenever your intuition tells you to. Throughout this coming year or until you create a new one make sure you have your board embedded energetically on the back of your mind. Make sure you can remember it when you are day dreaming. When you see it, feel it, or connect with it send it positive energy or positive thoughts and feelings with the intention of receiving what is on your board. You can also think of something on your board or when it is in front of you and say a positive affirmation like "I easily receive all the blessings coming to me." They clear your energy of any blocks and limitations.

Do not sell yourself short or have any limiting thoughts when creating your board.

A couple of years ago I wanted a new car and was looking for a picture of a Toyota Highlander ( I have two boys and wanted a "mom car") and clearly remember thinking "That will never happen because I can't afford it." Instead I added a picture of my second favorite car. Even tough I was selling myself short my intention was very strong because months later I got my Highlander at an Amazing price!

I encourage you to create a creation/vision board and reach for the starts when doing it!

Sending you Love, Light, and Happiness,



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