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What can I do to help myself decompress throughout the day so I do not feel overwhelmed at the end o


Today I will be answering the question: What can I do to help myself decompress throughout the day so I do not feel overwhelmed at the end of it?

Empaths and Intuitives are very sensitive individuals and tend to get overwhelmed easier than the average person, but everyone in general these days seems to be slightly on the edge. The stress attached to everyone these days comes from not spending enough time with you and for you. This might sound a bit odd so let me explain...

These days everyone seems to be very guided by all electronics, it is rare to find an individual who is not attached to a cell phone, ear phones, gaming device, or any other kind of electronic, which creates a need to constantly be on alert and on the go. This need seems to be taking over the need to rest and relax resulting in you not having time to listen to what is going on with you and not having time to meet your needs. When you neglect your needs you are unsatisfied and slightly stressed, and adding the need to stay on alert and on the go, when you really need the opposite, has people feeling overwhlemed and short tempered.

All this being said, to help you decompress throught your day I encourage you to take at least 5-10minutes a day to turn off all electronics, yes, including your cell phone, and disconnect from everyone and everything around you and just spend time with you. Give yourself time to listen to what you need and also give yourself dettachment from the need to be on alert and on the go. Listen to what you need in that moment-if you need to drink more water, or you need to take that much needed vacation, or you need to call your friend and make-up- what ever your need may be by taking the time to listen helps you start releasing stress before adding more to it. Up until now you have just been adding and adding.

As time goes by you will start to feel a tremendous difference and might even find yourself turning off all electronics for longer periods of time and/or more frequently ;-)

Start today and get that ripple effect going!

Sending you love, light, and happiness,


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