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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Awesomeness

You experienced a loss or a hurdle in your path and cannot seem to move beyond it. You find yourself going back to it in one way or another. That loss of your job, dissolved marriage, unattained promotion, or other hurdle seems to have a hold on you, so how do you forgive and move forward?

You start by reclaiming your awesomeness. Here, you will find five ways to help you reclaim your awesomeness. They will help you move beyond any hurdle or loss you have experienced or may experience, and even help prevent some.


Forgiving what happened and everyone involved is most important in being able to reclaim your awesomeness and move forward. It helps you to get closure or make peace with what happened, and it also helps transform any feelings or thoughts of being powerless to empowerment. It helps you instantly feel empowered as you choose to no longer allow what happened to negatively affect you, and if something was done or said maliciously it helps to keep you from personalizing it and from allowing it to minimize your awesomeness.

Learn from what happened

There is always something to be learned about yourself from a loss or a hurdle; something such as needing to have more fun after you experience the death of a loved one, or you did not really want the promotion like you thought you did, but instead want to do something more rewarding, or you gave too much in your marriage and did not receive the same in return, which is why you did not feel happy towards the end. You usually see something that is lacking or that is not benefiting you and should be changed. Get to know what that is and make necessary adjustments, so you are able to benefit the most you can from what happened and can add to your awesomeness.

Listen to yourself

At times, the reason you find yourself not being able to move forward is because you are upset with yourself. Usually because at one point you allowed someone else's voice to become louder than yours. You prioritized what they thought, said or felt, and ignored your own intuition. You can reclaim your awesomeness by choosing to listen to yourself from this moment forward and trusting what you have to say. If your inner voice is telling you one thing, but someone else is telling you the opposite, listen to yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. This will help you move forward easier, especially in any situation where you were used, manipulated or abused in any way, and help prevent it from happening in the future.

Set boundaries

Learn to say "no" and to put yourself first. Get to know what your needs, wants, likes, dislikes, values, and passions are, and prioritize yourself around them. If you are tired and do not have the energy to listen to a friend talk about her problems, put yourself first and let them know you are not available. If working on a project at work goes against who you are, say so. Doing things for you and with you in mind will help you feel important, cared for, and empowered, and it will also help you maintain your awesomeness in many ways. Helping in one way so you do not loose yourself or allow someone to hurt you by giving others more importance than yourself.

Overcome fear

Moving forward after experiencing a loss or a hurdle can be very scary. Instead of allowing fear to hold you back, reclaim your awesomeness and face it. Give yourself permission to move forward and to be happy. Be bold and do whatever you can to overcome any fears that show up... believe in yourself. Once you take the initial leap over your fear, you will be able to face others that show up with more confidence, courage and strength because you have fully reclaimed your awesomeness.


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