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7 Ways to Live as Your True Self

You feel a disconnect with who you are and with what your life looks like. You show the world one person, but know there is a different one within, waiting to come out and be seen. You are ready to become this person, your true self, and are wondering how to do so. Here you will find seven ways to help you identify your true self and help you make the transition to become and live as your true self easier.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Listening to your inner voice will help you become aware of and identify your true self with honesty. It will help you strengthen your voice and overpower anyone else's voice you are hearing. Ask yourself questions and become aware of how you respond mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically, and to what you have to say. It will help you identify your wants, likes, dislikes, desires, etc., without judgements and restrictions, and as a result help you naturally start living as your true self.

Give Yourself the Freedom to be You

Giving yourself the freedom to be you by letting go of comparisons, labels, status, criticisms, cynicism, etc., will empower who you are within and give you the courage to actualize. It will also allow you to accept your uniqueness and individuality, regardless of whether or not you have any kind of support when becoming who you know you really are.

Make Changes

Making changes to allow your inner self to show through is a must. Getting yourself and everything around you to reflect what you are feeling within reinforces the freedom to express your true self. Empower yourself to make the necessary changes so your true self can actualize. These changes can range from your physical appearance to your lifestyle, and from your relationships to your place of employment. Be bold, take responsibility and break through any fear of going beyond your comfort zone.

Commit to Your Choices and Decisions

Committing to your choices and decisions reinforces the value and worth behind who you are. It validates the belief and trust you have for yourself, especially once doubt and uncertainty arise. It helps you to trust your initial choice and decision of becoming your true self and living as your true self, making it easier to move forward and adjust to your new normal.

Learn to Trust Yourself

Trusting yourself is a necessity in becoming your true self and living as your true self. There will be moments when you are standing out in a crowd or when you are going against the norm because of who you are or what you want. In those moments, trusting yourself will give you the willpower and the courage, along with anything else you might need, to continue pursuing what is in your heart.

Try New Things

Trying new things will help you be able to know if something works for you or not, instead of just wondering or assuming. There are some things you might be uncertain about. You might even be uncertain about whether or not this will work for you, but if there is any desire or curiosity, encourage yourself to at least give it a try. Sometimes if something is not working for you, trying something new might be what you need to redirect you to your path of happiness.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Setting yourself up for success and approaching this transition, and everything else you might come across in life, with a successful outlook will set you up for exactly that. It will help you adapt an optimistic attitude and help you become a person who always finds a solution instead of a person who makes excuses. Expecting success also allows you to follow your happiness, which is fully aligned with your true self. And when you are aligned with your true self, you naturally do what you need to, to live as your true self.

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