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3 Tools to Help You Transition as You Recive "New" Blessings

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? Out of control? Or even as if you are frequently shifting from one extreme to the other? Well, you are not alone.

We are two months into 2019, and it feels as if the magic of the New year is already fading. 2018 was such a challenging year; The word that best sums it up is “Adversity.” Whether you lost your job, significant other, old self, or anything else of the like, “Adversity” showed up in many ways, especially for you as an Empath and Intuitive. What you are experiencing is the adjustment that comes afterward. And although the adjustment process is a great thing to embrace, many are having difficulties because of the triggers they are experiencing due to the vulnerability of the “New.”

Many “New” things have already manifested and come to fruition in January and February—New relationships, New Job or career or business, New thought patterns, New self, etc. All wonderful, unfortunately, this has created blocks.

Many people are stuck and unable to continue to make decisions or choices or leaps needed to keep the blessings flowing because they got triggered and are feeling unsafe and insecure. They are afraid their blessings are “too good to be true” or are “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

If this is you, here, you will find three tools to help make this transition more comfortable and more graceful, and to help you stay feeling safe and open, allowing you to move forward and for the blessings to continue to flow.

Tool 1: Affirmations

Affirmations are great to use to help keep your thoughts and feelings in alignment with your goals. They help keep you in check and in shape. Using any affirmation is helpful, especially any affirmation that is validating and reassuring, like “ I am Safe,” and “I Love and Approve of Myself.”

Tool 2: Deep Breathing

Deep breathing does not have to be done for long periods of time to be impactful. Being mindful of your breath and taking even one deep breath is extremely helpful at that moment—emphasis on mindful.

If you are experiencing fear or insecurity or are feeling stuck, close your eyes for a few seconds, focus on your breath, mindfully breathe-in while counting to four, hold it for 2, and then exhale for six. Repeat as needed. This will instantly bring a form of relief. You can also place your hands in prayer pose over your heart to amplify the effects.

Tool 3: Crystals and Healing Stones

Crystals and Healing Stones can be used on you or around you. You can place them in your pockets, wear them as jewelry, or place them around you in your home, workspace, and vehicle, so you are continuously benefiting from their abilities. Use any Crystal from the Quartz family—Rose, Clear, Smokey, as you transition and adjust to help give you extra comfort, reassurance, validation, and support to help you stay open and keep moving forward. Use any black stone or red stone like Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper to help feel safe, secure, and protected. You can also go to any Crystal and Stone shop and walk around using your intuition to guide you to the best Crystals and Stones for you.

Using these tools will not stop the adjustment phase or the vulnerability that you will continue to feel as you adjust, but it will lessen it, and it will help you to continue to flow so you can move beyond the triggers and adjustment phase sooner and more gracefully, allowing you to receive even more blessings!

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